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Born to serve finest quality of Ponni Rice, Ponni Boiled Rice, Rice Bran and Rice Husk..

An Introduction

Rice is one of the most recommended items that one should add in daily diet, not just it suffice the hunger but provides loads of nutrients to the body. This staple food item provides vitamin B1 and rich energy to body for performing several works, it is also beneficial to consume for improving bowel movements and stabilizing blood sugar level. For providing people varieties of Rice and its byproducts, in a single store, Yazh Exports, came into formation. Ponni Rice, Ponni Boiled Rice, Broken Rice, Idli Rice, Rice Bran, Rice Husk and Rice Bran Powder are few of the products that we are serving to our customers as a manufacturer and exporter. Quality being an important part of our process is always ensured, be it the packs of rice varieties or husk or bran, each is packed after passing out strict quality tests. Our ponni rice variety which is gluten free and high in fiber is especially beneficial for those who are suffering from diabetics and are high blood sugar patients. Further, we are winning hearts and setting records with every passing day owing to our impressive business strategies that are directed towards delighting clients.

Our Workers- Strength Of Us

Making available such variety of rice and its byproducts would not have been possible and this much smooth for us, without support of our workers. We are blessed to be guided by experts who are masters of their respective fields and work with confidence, determination and sincerity to bring the desired success to us. While we have updated automatic machines for rice and its by products sorting & processing works, our experts who handle the operations ensure that no mistake takes place when it comes to quality. Further, each expert of our team is polite and shares amicable relations with other as a result we are growing in the market.

Clients Are Important To Us

For growing and remaining in the industry, it is very important for a company to gratify its customers. And their satisfaction cannot be achieved without well fulfilling their requirements and giving them benefits of working with us. Following are some of the things that we are doing to please customers:
  • Delivering products at their doorstep in minimum time period.
  • Asking customers for feedback and working to bring changes in our products & practices.
  • Serving products in packs of several quantities so that clients can buy as per the requirements.
  • Giving customers absolute ease in doing business with us by accepting payments via several modes.